Quit Smoking With Vaping Devices And Supplies

22 September 2018
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While there is some controversy about whether vaping is any different than smoking cigarettes, there are a lot of people who have switched to vaping instead of smoking. If you have considered switching to vaping, you will need to find a vaporizer and the e-liquids that are used in them. There are a lot of choices on the market so take your time and find one that appeals to you.

Vape Starter Kits

If you are looking for an entire kit to get started, you can find them in local smoke shops, vape shops, and online retailers. The kits typically come with the vaporizer and some e-liquids to get started. Some kits have several different liquids with them, allowing you to try several flavors and find one you like. Check with the retailer where you buy your vaporizer before buying refill liquids. It is important to use the right liquid in the right vape. While some vaporizers can use any liquid, others have specific liquids that should be used. If you get a kit with multiple liquids, you can sometimes get some with nicotine and some without if that is what you want. 

Liquids and Flavors

One thing to keep in mind is that not all liquids are the same. There are e-liquids that have nicotine in them and most of those come in strengths from 2mg to as much as 50mg or more. These are the liquids people who want to stop smoking will most likely want and could be used to slowly taper off the nicotine by using liquids with less and less nicotine content until you are off it all together. There are also liquids that are flavored with fruit and other flavors that are used purely for the enjoyment of smoking and the flavor. For some people, vaping is about the sensation of smoking and for others, it is the flavor. 

Picking A Vaporizer

There are as many choices in vaporizers as there are liquids that you can use in them. The styles range from pen style vapes that are extremely discrete to tank style vapes that hold large amounts of liquid but are very obvious and not easy to hide. Most are battery operated and can be used on the go or in your home. Check the rules in stores, restaurants or your workplace before using your vape there. Many places are restricting them just as they have with tobacco because they feel they are bothersome to other patrons. When you get your vaporizer, you might want to get some rechargeable batteries and a charger for them so that you don't get stuck with a vape you can't use until you go buy more batteries.